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The Eco Kids

TEKpack - Baby Bag | Mustard Floral


The Eco Kids ‘TEKpacks’ are the perfect baby bag for cloth nappy parents, or parents that need room to move and are vegan friendly.

Made from our signature fabric, our material is light, smooth and wrinkle resistant - our signature fabric is extremely breathable so it doesn't hold smells, is heat resistant, abrasion resistant AND oil resistant and feature vegan leather trims. 

Featuring a large central compartment with 5 pockets, a front pocket with waterproof lining with three insulated bottle pockets and large mesh pocket opposite.
A sneaky back zip compartment which is fully waterproofed and the perfect pocket for wet clothing items, soiled nappies or anything requiring easy access.
On the one side of the bag, a drink bottle pocket and the opposite side, a wipes pocket - this bag has pockets COVERED. 

With three ways to carry, these bags were designed to be versatile. Not only is this a functional baby bag, it's the perfect day bag for kids of all ages.
Backpack style with full padded straps for optimum comfort which are fully adjustable to fit older children and adults, two short carry handles as well as coming with two matching pram straps!

Limited edition The Eco Kids prints, once these designs sell out they won't be reprinted.


Ryn's Cove

Brighter than Bright


Mustard Floral



Length - 28cm

Width - 18cm

Height - 44cm

Weighing Approximately 1 kilo.


hand wash only.

Wash instructions  


🍃 Remove everything from bag and open all pockets. 
🍃 Fill laundry sink (or strucket/tub) with warm water deep enough to submerge bag.
🍃 Add small dose of laundry powder and stir in. 
🍃 Submerge bag in water and give a bit of a hand wash. Open all pockets and move around in water. Leave soaking for short period of time (pending how dirty 5-10 minutes). Make sure bag is submerged evenly. 

*please note to keep Children away, as any body of water is a drowning hazard*

🍃 Lift bag out of water and drain sink. Run water though the bag to rinse off. Once the bag feels like it has been rinsed, submerge in clean water to ensure all detergent is off.
🍃 Dry bag well, This may take some time.
You can hang your bag outside until it is no longer dripping and then bring inside. Placing towels inside my bag can assist with drying. 
Ensure all pockets are open and dry before sealing bag again.

*do not dry outside in harsh weather conditions

* you may notice “spots” when wet, this is the lining of the bag and will dry clear